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Bring your files together in one central place!

Dropbox is a service where you can keep and sync your files, mp3, videos and etc. You can access it in all of your device wherever you will go. Interesting right? Check the tutorial I made on how to use this.   How to Use Dropbox by femiliaramirez on...

Create a more engaging and memorable presenter with this tool!

I enjoy making powerpoint presentations. Especially when it comes to putting effects on each slide. But recently I just discovered about this online presentation software that has approached the art of presentation in a big picture way, zooming into the details that...

Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite!

Do you have lots of social media accounts that you need to update all the time? Do you wish that there is an app or software where you can schedule your post ahead of time, post it to all of your social media sites and save you time? Don't you worry, HootSuite is here...

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